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Our course content and syllabus have been informed by leaders in our community, research through our employee experience surveys, and decades of real life experiences in modern companies.

We believe strongly in experiential design, collaborative learning and the building of lasting relationships through community. All programs leverage multiple educators (local and international), an inspiring and fun environment, and practical take-aways that you can immediately use. Further, all our graduates will join our ever-growing online community where we open-source our learning and best practices.

All our bootcamps are hosted at the campuses of RED Academy - an organization committed to redefining education and shares in our passion for the NoW of Work.

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Agile Operations
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“Agile” isn’t just for tech teams and startups. Learning how to work cross-functionally on your priority initiatives, deploying your team’s time in the most effective way, and constantly improving your business (kaizen) are just a few of the benefits of Agile Operations and a 2-week sprint framework.

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