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Our course content and syllabus have been informed by leaders in our community, research through our employee experience surveys, and decades of real life experiences in modern companies.

We believe strongly in experiential design, collaborative learning and the building of lasting relationships through community. All programs leverage multiple educators (local and international), an inspiring and fun environment, and practical take-aways that you can immediately use. Further, all our graduates will join our ever-growing online community where we open-source our learning and best practices.

All our bootcamps are hosted at the campuses of RED Academy - an organization committed to redefining education and shares in our passion for the NoW of Work.

Agile Operations

Agile Operations

The “NoW OS” (operating system)



Oct 29, 2019: 9am-5pm
Oct 30, 2019: 9am-4pm

TBD Fall 2019





Class size             

Max 8  


Companies, teams and individuals must learn to deliver innovative products and services at speeds never seen before.

Being innovative however, must not come at the expense of your important daily tasks, and your organization’s scorecard outcomes (revenues, profit, NPS, community impact, employee experience etc.). Balancing all the possible work people work on, while remaining necessarily nimble, has become more and more complex as our world moves at its rapid pace.

In this 2-day bootcamp, we’ll guide you through the history of Agile and the terms and acronyms you should be familiar with before taking a highly interactive journey on how to utilize the principles of Agile in non-tech environments. You’ll leave with a framework that will enable: cross-functional teamwork; transparency in team objectives; on-going progress; constant improvement; continuous feedback; and of course, a mindset of innovation and agility.

We call this framework the, “NoW-OS” (operating system) and it takes the best of OKRs, Scrum, Lean, Radical Candor, Design-Sprints and Deep Work. If you are looking for the modern way to run your business, look no further than the “NoW-OS”!


  • History of Agile (Agile Manifesto) and OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)

  • Setting measurable goals for your team

    • Authoring powerful OKRs

    • The ideal meeting cadence

    • Creating transparency through all teams

  • NoW-OS in practice

    • Building and prioritizing your backlog

    • The sync-up

    • Sprint planning

    • Public declarations

    • Daily standup

    • Review & retrospective

    • All-hands

  • Tech tools to complement the “NoW-OS”

"Agile Operations was a breath of fresh air. I loved learning with an awesome group of extremely established peers, and incredible instructor, Rocky. I am excited to apply learnings in my own team!

— Ashleigh Collins, Operations at TechToronto

"Rocky is a highly engaging, current, and credible facilitator who has real world experience to apply to the Agile Boot Camp. Leaving the experience, I am excited at the prospect of both applying the new learning to our respective team's, while also doubling down on the current direction our organization has been taking in a fully integrated firm."

Michael Brimer, SVP Integrated Project Delivery, Omicron


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