The Future of work is NoW - Are you ready?

NoW Academy

Our Now of Work (NoW) Bootcamps are built to inspire and empower people along their journey to future proofing their careers, and the businesses they work with.


We are living in one of the most exciting times in recorded history.

Exponential technologies, the proliferation of a connected generation, and the rise of the sharing economy are changing our world at a pace never experienced before.

For many, this is incredibly exciting. For others, it’s scary – even threatening. Wherever you land on the spectrum, it’s likely you accept this pace of change isn’t slowing anytime soon. You have recognized that the evolutions happening in our lives has an immediate and profound impact on how we work.

Herein lies our challenge: preparing our young people for a new modern workplace; developing our current employees to adapt and thrive in the Now of Work (NoW); and inspiring organizational leaders to champion the exciting change.

No longer can people and companies wait for the Future of Work — the Future is NoW.




Our Programs


Our course content has been informed by leaders in our innovation ecosystem, research through our employee experience surveys, and decades of personal learning in modern companies. We are committed to experiential design, collaborative learning, and a place where everyone feels they belong. Many of our programs feature multiple educators (local and international), and all offer an inspiring environment with practical take-aways that you can implement the next day!

All students are invited to join our Slack channel (where we open-source best practices), and are issued a secure and verifiable digital certificate on blockchain.