The future of work is NoW - Are you ready?

NoW Academy

Our Now of Work (NoW) Bootcamps are built to inspire and empower people along their journey to future proofing themselves and their business.


We are living in one of the most exciting times in recorded history.

Exponential technologies, the proliferation of a connected generation, and the rise of the sharing economy are changing our world at a pace never experienced before.

For many, this is incredibly exciting. For others, it’s scary – even threatening. Wherever you land on the spectrum, it’s likely you accept this pace of change isn’t slowing anytime soon. You have recognized that the evolutions happening in our lives has an immediate and profound impact on how we work.

Herein lies our challenge: preparing our young people for a new modern workplace; developing our current employees to adapt and thrive in the Now of Work (NoW); and inspiring organizational leaders to champion the exciting change.

No longer can companies wait and react to some Future of Work – the future is NoW.


Our Programs

Our course content and syllabus have been informed by leaders in our community, research through our employee experience surveys, and decades of real life experiences in modern companies.
We believe strongly in experiential design, collaborative learning and the building of lasting relationships through community. All programs leverage multiple educators (local and international), an inspiring and fun environment, and practical take-aways that you can immediately use. Further, all our graduates will join our ever-growing online community where we open-source our learning and best practices.

Many of our bootcamps are hosted at the campuses of RED Academy - an organization committed to redefining education and shares in our passion for the NoW of Work.


"An authentic and thought provoking experience delivered by truly impassioned creators..."

Jason, G&F Financial Group

"(Now-Academy) bootcamps helped me better understand how to leverage principles of Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies to engage my team and drive performance. NoW Academy's approach and contribution to the the HR world is important and critical to the success of organizations who are wanting to attract and retain great talent."

Julie, General Manager, RED Academy Vancouver


"The (NoW-Academy) bootcamp shared practices and ways of thinking that are more realistic and cutting edge than the traditional approaches taught in school. If I had a choice between pursuing higher education and this boot camp to up my game, the boot camp wins hands down!"

Tejal, HR Generalist, Hospitality Designs

"Rocky was a fantastic facilitator. Best workshop I've attended and topics covered were so relevant. I have so many good takeaways from this workshop that I can't wait to put into action."

Jami, People & Performance Manager, Hemmera


Our VoW

Leading Edge

Our curriculum and content will never fall behind the times.


Our educators are legit – they are industry (practicing) leaders.


Every cohort will invite underrepresented groups to attend at a fractional cost.


Our People

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The Disrupter


The Evangelist

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The Brains



The Creative

Our Educators

Author, Keynote Speaker. San Francisco.

Millennials want
meaningful work.

CEO, Great Mondays. San Francisco.

Designing company

Founder, HRuprise. Seattle.

Psychological safety in the workplace.

Freelancer. Toronto. Vancouver. the World.

Brand and internal communications.

CEO, The Groove Enhancers. Milwaukee.



The unconscious

iXp Lead. SAP.




Company. City.

Your People

Director Talent, Left. Maple Ridge.

CSR & community engagement.

Partner, Habenero Consulting. Vancouver.

The employee


Our Advisors

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The Futurist


The Conscience

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The Strategist

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The Critic



Interested in becoming an educator?



Personalized company programs available upon request!